Black Lion – Jazz Greats – 24 Bit Remastered

Black Lion 24 Bit REMASTERED

Jazz Greats – 24 Bit Re-Mastered

Black Lion Records was founded in 1968 by Alan Bates, initially based out of England. The label had two series of releases – one for British jazz musicians and one for international musicians – published under the two imprints, Black Lion and Freedom. For a limited time, the label was distributed by Polydor but was then acquired and marketed by DA Music in Germany since the early 80s.
The 24 Bit Re-Mastered series was built around the best selling Black Lion recordings, completely re-mastered to provide superior sound quality. Pops, clicks and other noises, typically associated with recordings from the 50s and 60s, were eliminated as much as possible and a color cover design was developed. There are approximately 50 recordings in this series

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