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Innovative Communication & NightSky

Innovative Communications – Since founding of the label in 1979 by the German Musician Klaus Schulze, the label has always focused on New Instrumental Music.
The New Instrumental Music is creative music with a wide range of sounds. The world of sounds and the sounds of the world are available in extensive archives. Different sounds, different instruments and the individual expression of the different musicians result in a fascinating variety of productions on IC. Here current electronics mix with hints of jazz, with rousing grooves, with pop, classical and NewAge. The result is an extremely dense atmosphere as an expression of this time. The spectrum at IC ranges from romantic, dreamy ballads related to classical music to modern jazz and abstract fractal compositions to the floating sounds of the cosmic sounds of Klaus Schulze, Kitaro, Jean Michel Jarre or Vangelis. Above all, IC has taken on the international new generation of artists with the conviction that the “Mozarts of the 21st Century” implement their feelings in a contemporary way in a contemporary medium.
Dancing Fantasy and Blue Knights dedicated a music production and an extensive colored picture booklet to the “crazy guys” on the stands of Los Angeles and the formation “G.E.N.E.” created a unique underwater music with pictures by the renowned underwater photographer Leni Riefenstahl under the impression of the Maldives atoll. World music at a high level, audiophile delicacies with a lot of feeling, with a lot of ideas and with even more music.
NightSky – This exciting new label was created in the late 80s to provide a home for electronic music composers, most famously Colors In Motion with over millions of streams.

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