Piano Red : Blues, Blues, Blues

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January 1, 1992
Piano Red : Blues, Blues, Blues
Producer: 1993 1201 Music (Americas) LLC
Number of discs: 1
Catalogue number: 031397018125
Record label: Original Black Lion Recordings
01Ain’t Goin to Be Your Low Down Dog No3:15
02I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed2:48
03Everyday I Have the Blues3:40
04It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie2:13
05Please Baby Come On Home4:17
06Corrine, Corrina3:15
07Blues, Blues, Blues4:09
09The Right String Baby, But the Worng Yo Yo2:25
09Do She Love Me2:37
10Boggie Time (Pinetops Boogies)3:31
11Sloppy Drunk3:54
12Blues, Blues, Blues4:33
13Pinetops Boogie2:58
14Doin It2:48
15When Things Go Wrong With You4:12
16Dr Feel Good3:19
17Red’s Boogie2:58
18Dupree Blues3:28
19Just Another World Goin Round2:50
21You Got the Thing On Me3:17
22Good Bye2:57
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