Dave Shepherd : Good Enough to Keep

January 15, 1996
Dave Shepherd : Good Enough to Keep
Producer: 1996 1201 Music (Americas) LLC
Number of discs: 1
Catalogue number: 031397051429
Record label: Original Black Lion Recordings
01Poor Butterdly4.12
02Breakdast Feud2.40
03More Than You Know3.39
04Limehouse Blues4.07
05Tiger Rag3.55
06Sheik Od Araby3.25
07Body And Soul4.51
08Wholly Cats3.26
09Exactly Like You3.35
10Good Enough To Keep4.04
11At The Jazz Band Ball2.49
12Do You Know What It Means To4.17
13That’S A-Plenty4.03
14Lonesome Road4.28
15Shepherd’S Market2.17
16Tin Rood Blues3.41
17Blues For A Black Gir3.57
18Original Dixieland One Step3.00
19Basin Street Blues4.52
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