Chris Barber : In The Beginning

January 15, 1998
Chris Barber : In The Beginning
Producer: 1998 1201 Music (Americas) LLC
Number of discs: 1
Catalogue number: 031397052020
Record label: Original Black Lion Recordings
02Mama’S Gone, Goodbye3.35
03Sing On3.25
04How Long Blues2.45
05The Martinique2.42
06Bobby Shadto2.47
07Stevedore Stomp3.09
08Yellow Dog Blues1.50
09Original Charleston Strut2.50
10Jazz Lips2.37
11Over In Gloryland2.23
12Tiger Rag2.27
13Baby, Won’T You Please Come Ho5.48
14Doctor Jazz3.54
15Whwn Things Go Wrong With You2.46
16Highway To Heaven3.10
17High Society4.44
18I’M Gonna Move To The Outskirt3.50
19Help Me3.51
20Bone And Bread4.17
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