Cecil Gant: Hit That Jive Jack

June 15, 1999
Cecil Gant: Hit That Jive Jack
Producer: 1999 1201 Music (Americas) LLC
Number of discs: 1
Catalogue number: 660652802720
Record label: Black Lion Vault
01Hit That Jive, Jack (Johnny Alston/Skeets Tolbert)3:00
02Blues in L.A. (Cecil Gant)3:35
03I Gotta Gal (Cecil Gant)2:55
04Sloppy Joe’s (Cecil Gant)3.00
05Time Will Tell (James V. Monaco/Mack Gordon)
06What’s on Your Worried Mind (Cecil Gant)
07Long Distance Call (Muddy Waters/John Lyon/Billy Rush)
08Am I to Blame (Billy Fazoli/Raymond W. Klages)
09Boogie Blues (Cecil Gant2.50
10My Little Baby (Henry Glover/Sally Nix)3.54
11That’s the Stuff You Gotta Watch (Edgar Battle/Noble Sissle)2.52
12Cecil’s Boogie (Cecil Gant)2.26
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