Bud Powell : Blues For Bouffemont

313x0w 17
January 1, 1964
Bud Powell : Blues For Bouffemont
Producer: 1964 1201 Music (Americas) LLC
Number of discs: 1
Catalogue number: 031397013526
Record label: Original Black Lion Recordings
01In The Mood For A Classic5.44
02Like Someone I Love6.52
03Una Noche Con Francis3.30
04Relaxin’ At Camarillo4.14
05Moose The Mooche3.40
06Blues For Bouffemont5.42
07Little Willie Leaps4.04
08My Old Flame4.17
09I Know That You Know3.53
10Star Eyes6.16
11There Will Never Be Another You3.53
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