Art Tatum : Tea For Two

81f3W00ZDJL. SS500
April 30, 1990
Art Tatum : Tea For Two
Producer: 1987 1201 Music (Americas) LL
Number of discs: 1
Catalogue number: 031397019221
Record label: Original Black Lion Recordings
01Tea For Two2.05
02Poor Butterfly2.31
03I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues1.57
05Ain’t Misbehavin4.28
06Royal Garden Blues2.43
07I Got Rhythm2.27
08Hallelujah (1040 -1A)3.01
09Hallelujah (1040-1)2.40
10Poor Butterfly (10411A)3.04
11Song Of The Vagabonds2.55
13Memories Of You3.05
14Running Wild2.52
16Kerry Dance2.26
17Crystal Clear3.00
18Gang O’Notes2.42
19Between Midnight And Dawn2.47
20Apollo Boogie2.25
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