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Premium Products & Incentive Programs:

Throughout our existence, we have developed in conjunction with our world wide associated labels custom or premium CD products for our clients. These products most often consist of custom compilations from our deep catalog of jazz, blues, classical, new age, and smooth jazz masters, encompassing masters in excess of 5000 recordings.

Typically, our clients utilize such custom products for a variety of purposes, such

  • as sales incentive programs for their sales force
  • as 'thank you' gifts for their current customers
  • as advertising medium to attract new accounts
  • as commercial products with their brand name identity
  • as lifestyle products to compliment other products for a coherent product line feel

Please find below a selected sample of a few programs we have developed, licensed out, or marketed. In addition, we have licensed recordings to such Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola for their TV ad campaign, or to the TV series 'ER'

  • Remy Martin: Smooth As Chicago
  • Starbucks: Collection Of Unforgettable Piano Jazz
  • Spectralogic: Jazz For Logic Partners
  • JFK: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - An Oliver Stone Film
  • The Franciscan Oakville Estate Presents Its Red Wine
  • DHL: "World Wide" Fastest Courier
  • BOSE: The Special Edition Classical Sampler
  • Avalanche: The Hottest Music In The Snow
  • Reynolds Tobacco: Sound Design
  • Club Med: The Coolest Program Under The Sun
  • Apollo 11: The Original NASA Patch

    Please contact us and we will have our account executive give you a personal presentation about the extent of our repertoire and how we can suport your company in your marketing and advertising campain.